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28 Apr


Maybe you do not know the exquisite Wild Red Tuna from Almadraba yet?

If you know about this incredible marine animal, you will know that now is the best time to try it. The time of the Almadraba is spring, when the migration of the Tuna begins to spawn from the coldest waters of the Atlantic to the warmest waters of the Mediterranean through the Strait of Gibraltar, approximately from April to July.

And the best place to try a good dish made with Red Tuna from Almadraba is any of the towns with an ancient Almadrabera tradition on the Cadiz coast such as Conil, Barbate, Tarifa and of course Zahara de los Atunes. Many of its restaurants have specialized in this exquisite product, inheriting Japanese recipes, offering traditional native recipes or creating new combinations with exquisite taste and incredible creativity.

The Almadraba

Red Tuna Almadraba is an artisanal fishing technique that stands out for its authenticity, for its antiquity, since it has been carried out and has remained practically the same for 3,000 years on the Cadiz coast, for its spectacular nature and for being a sustainable traditional fishing .

The Almadrabas begin to be placed about two months before the beginning of the fishing season. It is a fixed art of vertical nets that are supported on the surface with floats and whose fixation is made by thousands of meters of steel cables shackled to anchors.

It is a responsible fishing, only tunas that have been reproducers with a long life and after having exercised their reproductive work are caught. And in addition, the system ensures that there is no damage to the large populations of cetaceans that inhabit these waters, as it is a completely open art.

Tuna Routes 2021

Although the Zahara Tuna Route 2021 has been postponed, the Red Tuna is still the protagonist of Zahara restaurants, so you can try it whenever you want.

On the other hand, the Tuna Route in the neighboring town of Conil begins next Friday, April 30th until May 30th.

And the Barbate Tuna Route reinvents itself by celebrating the 2021 Tuna gastronomic week from April 28th to May 2nd.

The Red Tuna is already a symbol of the natural and tourist heritage of these Cadiz towns. You can’t miss it!

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