Avda. Mirador 24, Urbanización Atlanterra · 11393 · Zahara de los Atunes · Cádiz · España


18 Jul


Zahara de los Atunes is a town of history, origin and sailor name. There are remains from the Paleolithic that relate it to the art of fishing. Although it was not until the arrival of the Phoenicians that they began to give it a certain commercial relevance, adding the art of trap fishing to those already existing in the Cádiz municipality.

Today, Almadraba is the only art that continues to be promoted commercially in Zahara. However, we can still enjoy these small boats (like the one in the photograph) on its beaches. Above all, thanks to the fact that some sailors continue to use smaller fishing gear such as longline, trammel, hook tackle, vertical, pulper and chambel.

These images were once daily in all the fishing villages of the Cadiz coast, today if we want to see these boats on the beach we have to come to Zahara.

The marine flotilla lives in the fishing district, right next to where the boats are left to rest. The group of small boats leaves at night, each consisting of a maximum of three people. At dawn they usually return to Playa del Carmen, they push their boats into the beach and the fruit of their capture is usually distributed among restaurants, hotels and their own homes.

It is a real luxury to be able to contemplate such images today. From Villa Amaranta, we recommend you come to browse this precious moment of the arrival of these boats to the beach. Enjoy it!

Zahara sets the stage, Villa Amaranta the rest, and you will live it intensely.

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