La Ruta del Atún Rojo

Zahara de los Atunes is known for its beauty and elegance, water sports, its beaches, its natural parks, its food and many more wonders. Let’s focus on this article in one of its gastronomic treasures: the Red Tuna, which has achieved so much fame to the point of holding an event dedicated to this exquisite: “The Tuna Route”.

ruta del atun zahara de los atunes

To understand the importance of this valuable species, it is obligatory to talk about La Almadraba. Like more than three thousand years ago, the fishermen of Cadiz fish the wild tuna in the spring, when the bluefin tuna crosses through the Strait of Gibraltar to the Mediterranean sea and they capture it in that labyrinth that are the traps, a traditional fishing gear and Also spectacular that goes back to the Phoenicians.

Throughout the centuries, the way of extracting this “red treasure” has evolved in a very subtle way. With the emergence of the demanding Japanese market and strict quality requirements in the crude oil market, the methods have been perfected to unimaginable limits.

To this day, La Almadraba is still a fixed and selective fishing gear that depends on different factors each season difficult to control, the migratory routes of the Red Tuna, the presence of killer whales, the lunar phases, the tides, the currents of the Strait Of Gibraltar or the salinity, clarity and temperature of its waters.

The result of this perfection is an incredible visual spectacle in which this complex and fragile fishing art of traditional trimilenaria and craftsmanship has been able to adapt to the market demands obtaining the maximum level of quality for which the best tuna is considered gastronomically. world.

Tarifa, Barbate, Conil de la Frontera and Zara de los Atunes celebrate with fairs and festivals the arrival of wild tuna, the richest, the most versatile, the tastiest.

The vane-shaped tuna sculptures in each of these fishing villages give an idea of ​​the importance of tuna for them. A tribute to the tuna and its gastronomic, historical and cultural connection with the Costa de Cadiz.
After the cutting of a tuna that is called snoring in the jargon – with the imagination of the cooks, dishes and tastes emerge as different as those that can be tasted in the different “Tuna Routes” that are celebrated once a year in the Locations mentioned above.

This year would be from May 16 to May 21 when the V Tuna Route is held in Zahara de los Atunes, a bet of the city that offers all its neighbors and visitors its rich gastronomic culture, which has in the tuna one of Its maximum exponents.

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